In 5 days, on 2/25/22, Louis On Tour will drop their EP

Louis on Tour is a Phoenix based 5-piece Indie/Punk band
that delivers high energy beats baked in the desert heat!

Formed in 2018 by guitarist Nick Kahlor and guitarist Jesse Martinez after their high school band broke up, the 2 rascals eventually (through no small effort) found the lovely Sam Green to accompany them on drums. Stumpy soon joined on bass, and eons later (the heat death of the universe soon approaching) Shana Backman joined the band as lead vocalist/lyricist in November 2021.

Louis on Tour’s debut EP, It’s Pronounced /Lou•ee/, features an onslaught of high-energy songs with dueling guitar solos, glorious vocal melodies, and groovy rhythms forged in the flames of funk itself.

LOT is fervently writing their first full length album, Don’t Hit Kids.

Like a song, like our socials, or come party with us in Phoenix!

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