4 Ways Artists Can Make Their Work Discoverable

Article written by Emma Grace Brown

With a deep passion for fine arts, perhaps you can’t imagine yourself being happy pursuing any other interest as a career. Making a living as an artist often requires being discovered by patrons that are excited about purchasing your work. You must get as many eyes on your paintings as possible, a prospect that necessitates a certain kind of savvy in the digital age. When you know how to make your art more discoverable, you can make a concerted effort toward your future as a professional artist. Here are some tips and resources from Aggregate Perspective to get you started.

1. Make Connections

Success in almost any field requires a willingness to make connections. As an artist, you should seek to build a network of other talented individuals in the industry. Fellow painters, and even art agents, may be receptive to an earnest attempt at forging professional relationships. 

Before you begin reaching out to your industry peers, it is essential that you have your own artist website. Creating a home for yourself on the Internet is easy with free site builders, and it will serve as a hub that you can direct potential colleagues to as a showcase of your work.

2. Use Art School as a Resource

Regardless of your personal experience, enrolling in an art school can be a huge boost to your budding career. Your individual painting style can evolve as you master new techniques and receive feedback from professional educators. The importance of learning about art history is also something that can not be understated in your journey to becoming a well-rounded expert.

The classroom also happens to be a perfect environment for growing your circle of professional contacts. Building camaraderie with your classmates can lead to great opportunities down the line, and your instructors might introduce you to clients or art galleries if your work impresses them.

3. Market Yourself

Honing your craft entails continuing to create art even when you are not working for a client. Soon enough, you will have a sizable portfolio that you can use to market your skills. Your website is a great place to host your portfolio and serve as a touchstone in your self-marketing endeavors.

Professionals in the field explain that the process of getting noticed by art galleries has changed over the years. In addition to preparing a web portfolio, social media platforms and prominent art blogs are also great mediums for marketing and communicating with industry figures.

4. Start an Online Business

While making a gallery debut may seem like the traditional goal for an aspiring artist, starting your own business is a strong modern alternative. Visual content is highly effective on social media platforms, making it possible to build a following on your own merit. From there, you can direct your audience to your online store where they can purchase prints of your work directly.

You’ll also need to settle on a business structure. A limited liability company is a great option because it has certain tax benefits, as well as legal protections. You can set it up yourself or, better yet, look to an online formation service to help here. Here are the 7 best LLC services available to help you with the process.

Putting an audience in front of your work can feel like an impossible challenge when you are beginning your foray into the art world. You will stand a better chance when you acknowledge the people and resources at your disposal. With digital advancements constantly changing the workings of the art world as well, new avenues to success emerge every day whether you are just trying to get your work noticed or are starting your own business.

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