Rebirth: Finding New Fire as an Empty Nester

Guest article written by Sharon Wagner from Senior Friendly

When our children leave home, it can feel both exciting and daunting. To help us process this change, it’s important to adjust our lives for new possibilities – with the right approach, you might discover an entirely new side to yourself and rekindle passions that have been put aside for years. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


A great first step to preparing yourself and your home for a new chapter is a good decluttering. Online, you’ll find plenty of strategies that can help you clean up and clean out in an orderly, efficient manner. You may even find that moving your kids’ old possessions into a secure area, such as the attic, frees up massive amounts of new space that can instead be used for your own vocations.

Decluttering isn’t just limited to household objects – if you have any important documents stored at home, it’s a good idea to get these organized by converting them from physical to digital format. You can use scan tools to start the process and PDF editing tools to collate, reorder and modify medical records, estate planning documents, or other files.


When you’re busy caring and working for your kids, it’s common for creative pursuits to be placed on the back burner. But, in the period after they’ve flown the nest, you may once again have the freedom to reconnect with past passions and explore unhindered. Start by designating a space in the house for artistic exploration – it’s important that you can express yourself freely without worrying about making a mess or getting in the way of others.

Marital Relationships

It’s highly common, in the throes of parenting, for the marriage itself to be placed second. If you are still with your partner, in the period after the children have left home, there is an opportunity to reconnect and rekindle the very flame that brought you together in the first place. Use the moment to act selflessly and think of ways to delight and dazzle your other half – this could potentially spark a new and exciting phase in your relationship.


By the time your kids have grown up, you’re bound to have picked up a few skills or passions along the way. A great way to spend your new free time is to cash in on these skills and transition to a more independent, comfortable way of working with your own business. You can start by looking into structures – a Limited Liability Company (LLC in Arizona), for example, will provide you with reduced personal liability, tax advantages, and less paperwork. You can navigate state regulations using a formation service, this will also save you on lawyer fees.

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For many whose kids have flown the nest, the most natural route to tranquility is gardening. This is not only a great way to cultivate your garden, but it can also help you to grow edible produce, increase your property value and improve your fitness in the process. Why not look into beginner guides and see what is possible with your plot?


During the humdrum of the working, parenting life, there isn’t much time to sit down and read a good book. That all changes when our children grow up, and there is finally the opportunity to grow our knowledge, get lost in fantasy, or explore current affairs with the written word. You can familiarize yourself with the latest bestsellers or even treat yourself to a magazine subscription.

The period after your children have flown the nest should be one of joy. Not only have your kids successfully moved to the next exciting phase of their lives but there is also an occasion for you to connect back with yourself. Make sure to strike a balance, keeping connected with your loved ones and focusing a little more on your own interests.

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