Shaman Mama by Louis On Tour

Photo courtesy of Jacob Santoro.

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Shaman Mama is currently Louis on Tour’s most popular and heaviest song both on and off stage. It features exciting and visual guitar work, beautiful and strong melodic vocal harmonies, and an exciting rhythm and pace.

Though Nicholas Kahlor wrote both guitar parts and the general “bones” for this single, Jesse Martinez, Tyler Beck, and Sam Green bring their own energy and flair to the song, and Shana Backman’s vocal writing style and performance bring this piece together nicely.

The inspiration of this song comes from a story told to us by a therapist about her and one of her patients. Her patient had something pretty terrible happen, and the therapist, claiming to be a shaman, offered her a journey into a spiritual realm so that they may collect a missing piece of the patient. The song is an interpretation of what we think that journey was like.

Shana Backman quotes “The most fun and challenging song for me to write was Shaman Mama, just because we came up with the song name and the sound of the song before we came up with the concept. When it made for an epic story about a Shaman, I knew nothing about shamanism. So, I definitely spent a lot of time immersing myself and deep diving into that so that I served it some justice that kind of made for an epic journey.”

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Louis on Tour is a five-piece Indie Rock/ Genre Fluid band from Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve been learning about and making music together for a long time, and hope that through our music, our fans can see the passion that we share, and the comradery and shenanigans that goes with it.

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