Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod’s Coffee) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod's) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Wait, What’s With All The W’s by Tyler Stumpy Beck – Pre Save Link

Singer/Songwriter and Producer Tyler Stumpy Beck will be debuting his latest release Wait, What's With All The W's on July 8th! This 14 track compilation is filled with an eclectic mix of electronic dance, indie rock jams, and film style compositions. The album was the first official solo release for Tyler Stumpy Beck, who is also the bassist of Louis on Tour and a co-producer of Mars & Nebula, and showcases his skills as a songwriter and producer. Pre-order album and keep watch for some special treats coming before the release!

Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 25 Duet Or Don’t

In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck and Baby Molly (Liam) collaborate both with their podcasts and music skills to bring you a fully written song. But there is a catch. Both artists contribute 2 hours to the writing process and send the files to the other to continue on the creation. Do they Duet or Don't?

The Great Divide – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

The Great Divide by Baby Molly & Stumpy

Tracking – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

We tracked drums, bass, 2 guitars, and vocals in 2 hours. Check out the tracking process!

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