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Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 10 Sexual Orientation & Race with Chance

Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 12 Conspiracies

Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 13 Presidential Candidate
Sharmin Eslynne Smith

Rebirth: Finding New Fire as an Empty Nester

When our children leave home, it can feel both exciting and daunting. To help us process this change, it’s important to adjust our lives for new possibilities – with the right approach, you might discover an entirely new side to yourself and rekindle passions that have been put aside for years. Here are a few…

4 Ways Artists Can Make Their Work Discoverable

With a deep passion for fine arts, perhaps you can’t imagine yourself being happy pursuing any other interest as a career. Making a living as an artist often requires being discovered by patrons that are excited about purchasing your work. You must get as many eyes on your paintings as possible, a prospect that necessitates…

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