Mars & Nebula

Retrograde by Mars & Nebula – 2021

Mars & Nebula formed in early 2020
after Tyler Beck (Stumpy) moved back to Arizona from Idaho.
He was dealing with a long term breakup
and co-producer Leonard Chakotai Cherry III (Neon Bright)
invited him to come make some music. 

What came to be after a few sessions was Mars & Nebula;
a primarily production based project
with heavy influence from a variety of genres
including R&B, indie rock,
alternative rock, rap, indie pop,
and even anime soundtracks and video games
like Kingdom Hearts.
Mars & Nebula is also inspired by artists
like Joywave, Empire of The Sun, The Gorillaz,
and many more. 

The songs are an amalgamation
of a variety of different styles
with Tyler Beck bringing his
rock vocals, guitar, and bass experience into the mix
and Leonard Cherry’s audio engineering and production experience
combining with both of their compositions and ideas. 

These songs are inspired by both of their journeys
through self discovery after heartbreak,
living through historical protests against racism,
and a global pandemic.

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