Hippie Express

Images taken October 2021 from a cross country trip from Arizona to North Caroline, DC & Virginia

Water Slide by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Check out Water Slide off of Tyler Stumpy Beck’s upcoming album Wait, What’s With All The W’s? Coming out on July 8th. Follow on YouTube to see each new track as they drop.

A Blast From The Past – Tyler Beck on the Basement Dweller

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2GxboBxQ4NEeGPfrFNr0j5?si=7c68d75848364a23 Listen to the latest episode of The Basement Dweller featuring Tyler Beck (Stumpy) https://open.spotify.com/episode/1kYNhOscPtxPJFKQCU31vH?si=01322dd625d94877 Listen to the first episode of The Basement Dweller featuring Tyler Beck (Stumpy) Check out the host of The Basement Dweller Jacob Santoro on Your Thoughts Podcast https://youtu.be/27Y-gF3Nns0 https://youtu.be/4-FU1gCjIJo

Primitive State – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

Your Thoughts Podcast talks about Primitive State and the process of recording their first album.

Artist Appreciation: Quies Terry

I'm stoked to be able to share my buddies new album For You. Quies Terry has been putting in years of work to make this happen.

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