Mars & Nebula Just Dropped Their Latest Album: Retrograde

First it was Starshine, then it was Queens Dance, now Retrograde is finally here. October 31st Mars & Nebula dropped their debut album -Retrograde- an eclectic mix of indie, r&b, rap, and rock.

Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 26 THE OMELET OFF!

In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck and Summer Strahan duel to decide who can create the best omelet! Join us on this tense and arduous journey as we battle with our spatulas and attempt to woo our 3 guest judges. Who will win? Find out on Your Thoughts Podcast!

Jay Burger – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck and Ryan talk to comedian and podcaster Jay Burger about his Netflix special submission, anime, his podcast with his friends, and the time he was in a Broadway play.

Philosophy and History of Art – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

In this clip from of Your Thoughts Podcast episode 19, The Thing About That With Steven Allison, Tyler Beck and Jesse Martinez talk with painter, comedian, and long time friend Steven Allison about philosophy and history in art.

Artist Appreciation: Kait’s Spooky BOOtique

Accessories for every goth babe out there. Custom glitter makeup brush holders and hair bows.

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