Artist Appreciation: Midsummer Boutique

Unique customizable resin art

Artist Appreciation: Steven Allison Steven: I am inspired by the human ability to connect. I don’t know if this is exclusive to us and not other animals but I believe it is what makes us special. We have this innate ability to empathize, sympathize or feel for literally anything. It doesn’t have to be physical, we... Continue Reading →

Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 11 Your High Thoughts

Episode 11 of Your Thoughts Podcast, Your High Thoughts, is now available in audio and video format.

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Death of Flowers

Cold and warm fronts have swept through my area of Idaho and influenced the growth of the plants and flowers. The Blooming Tree has lost it's leaves, the Red Tree has now turned vibrantly pink, like a cherry blossom tree, and it's leaves have also begun to fall off. As summer emerges the flowers seem... Continue Reading →

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