4 Ways Artists Can Make Their Work Discoverable

With a deep passion for fine arts, perhaps you can't imagine yourself being happy pursuing any other interest as a career. Making a living as an artist often requires being discovered by patrons that are excited about purchasing your work. You must get as many eyes on your paintings as possible, a prospect that necessitates a certain kind of savvy in the digital age. When you know how to make your art more discoverable, you can make a concerted effort toward your future as a professional artist. Here are some tips and resources from Aggregate Perspective to get you started.

Artist Appreciation: Painting Fences

2020 sees the release of Painting Fences' third full length album, Cardinal Sins. This is the first album to feature all current members of the band, and displays some of the most diverse and heaviest songwriting produced by the band to date.

Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 19 The Thing About That With Steven Allison

In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck and Jesse Martinez talk with painter, comedian, and long time friend Steven Allison about his experiences and education as an artist. We feature a few paintings later on in the episode and we have tons of laughs along the way.

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