Rebirth: Finding New Fire as an Empty Nester

When our children leave home, it can feel both exciting and daunting. To help us process this change, it’s important to adjust our lives for new possibilities - with the right approach, you might discover an entirely new side to yourself and rekindle passions that have been put aside for years. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Artist Appreciation: Phil The Band

Phil The Band is a high energy punk outfit from Show Low, AZ who has been trekking to Phoenix/Mesa area to hit the stage, most recently, at the World Famous Nile Theater. I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of their performance and it was definitely a blast.

Hippie Express

Images taken October 2021 from a cross country trip from Arizona to North Caroline, DC & Virginia

Artist Appreciation: Kiddatheartfilms

Donovan "KiDdatheartfilms" Strawn

Rain: Day 5

This weeks photo series is rain. I had never photographed rain so it was really fun trying to get the exposure and shutter speed good enough to capture these beautiful drops of water falling from the sky. 

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