Tyler Stumpy Beck on Jon’s Podcast

Last week I met with Jon Morales of Jon's Podcast over Zoom to discuss my solo music projects, Louis On Tour, and podcasting. It was a pleasure getting to speak to Jon about his pursuit of talking to musicians about their careers and for me to talk about podcasting with him. Check out his show!

Wait, What’s With All The W’s? by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Check out Wait, What’s With All The W’s? off of Tyler Stumpy Beck’s upcoming album Wait, What’s With All The W’s? Coming out on July 8th. Follow on YouTube to see each new track as they drop.

Tyler Beck a.k.a. Stumpy – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

Meet the host of Your Thoughts Podcast: Tyler Beck in this short clip from Ep. 25 Duet or Don't.

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