Pets: 3 New Cat Photos

Here are 3 new images of my cat Floyd. Floyd loves going outside and relaxing in the grass. He looks majestic in the sunlight and is very photogenic. To see the full series of pet photos featuring Floyd click here.

Death of Flowers

Cold and warm fronts have swept through my area of Idaho and influenced the growth of the plants and flowers. The Blooming Tree has lost it's leaves, the Red Tree has now turned vibrantly pink, like a cherry blossom tree, and it's leaves have also begun to fall off. As summer emerges the flowers seem... Continue Reading →

Spring Has Sprung!

Here is the biggest photo drop so far for the spring serious. The blooming tree sprouted it's flowers. The red tree has become even more vibrant. I explored deeper into Idaho and captured some of the vibrant tulips being planted in the rural neighborhoods. I saw beautiful trees and flowers on every corner. And of... Continue Reading →

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