Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod’s Coffee) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod's) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

I Saw Jesus in Vermont by Louis On Tour (Live at Yucca Tap Room 8/20/22)

I Saw Jesus in Vermont by Louis On Tour (Live at Yucca Tap Room 8/20/22) Video + article.

Frazzled by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Check out Frazzled off of Tyler Stumpy Beck’s upcoming album Wait, What’s With All The W’s? Coming out on July 8th. Follow on YouTube to see each new track as they drop.

Wait, What’s With All The W’s by Tyler Stumpy Beck – Pre Save Link

Singer/Songwriter and Producer Tyler Stumpy Beck will be debuting his latest release Wait, What's With All The W's on July 8th! This 14 track compilation is filled with an eclectic mix of electronic dance, indie rock jams, and film style compositions. The album was the first official solo release for Tyler Stumpy Beck, who is also the bassist of Louis on Tour and a co-producer of Mars & Nebula, and showcases his skills as a songwriter and producer. Pre-order album and keep watch for some special treats coming before the release!

Louis On Tour’s Debut EP – It’s Pronounced Lou•ee – Available Everywhere!

Louis on Tour's debut EP, It's Pronounced /Lou•ee/, features an onslaught of high-energy songs with dueling guitar solos, glorious vocal melodies, and groovy rhythms forged in the flames of funk itself.

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