Whose Ready For An Omelet Off? – Your Thoughts Podcast Clip

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In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast
Tyler Beck and Summer Strahan duel
to decide who can create the best omelet!
Join us on this tense and arduous journey
as we battle with our spatulas
and attempt to woo our 3 guest judges.
Who will win?
Find out on Your Thoughts Podcast!

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Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod’s Coffee) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod’s) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Dusty Mullet – Louis On Tour (Live @ Yucca Tap Room)

On August 20th, 2022, Louis On Tour hit the stage for their very first headliner show! Check out Dusty Mullet performed live.

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Artist Appreciation: Phil The Band

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Worried/Calm by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Check out Worried/Calm off of Tyler Stumpy Beck’s upcoming album Wait, What’s With All The W’s? Coming out on July 8th. Follow on YouTube to see each new track as they drop.

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