Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 23 Primitive & Deplorable with Troy Thomas

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Your Thoughts Podcast talks to Troy Thomas about his experiences as a voice actor and we get a guest visit from one of his characters!

Your Thoughts Podcast talks about Primitive State and the process of recording their first album.

Tyler Beck and Jesse Martinez talk with Troy Thomas about their journey collaborating as songwriters and the process of writing songs starting with just an acoustic guitar.

Your Thoughts Podcast discusses Troy’s (discontinued) podcast series called Deplorable Facts.

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Primitive State:

Introducing Further Digital Transformation to Your E-Commerce Business

Automation, accuracy, and efficiency are just a few of the benefits of investing in cutting-edge tech for your business. By gaining a deeper understanding of how digital transformation can help your business evolve, you can also come to understand which processes are best-suited to technology integration.

Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod’s Coffee) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Driving In The Rain (Live @ Jarrod’s) by Tyler Stumpy Beck

Dusty Mullet – Louis On Tour (Live @ Yucca Tap Room)

On August 20th, 2022, Louis On Tour hit the stage for their very first headliner show! Check out Dusty Mullet performed live.

I Saw Jesus in Vermont by Louis On Tour (Live at Yucca Tap Room 8/20/22)

I Saw Jesus in Vermont by Louis On Tour (Live at Yucca Tap Room 8/20/22) Video + article.

Artist Appreciation: Phil The Band

Phil The Band is a high energy punk outfit from Show Low, AZ who has been trekking to Phoenix/Mesa area to hit the stage, most recently, at the World Famous Nile Theater. I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of their performance and it was definitely a blast.

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